Lung Cancer Smoking

Passive Smoking Does Cause Lung Cancer
The World Health Organization (WHO) sets the record straight: secondhand smoke causes lung cancer in non-smokers.

Why Quit Smoking? Because smokers can and do die young!
Graphic material shows effects of tobacco products on the human body; text explains how smokers can and do die young.

Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment - National Cancer Institute
Information about the disease includes staging, treatment options, prognosis, and a professional health section.

JAMA -- Abstract: Lung Cancer in US Women: A Contemporary Epidemic ...
Medical journal summarizes the current situation.

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking Support

Cigarette Smoking and Cancer: Q & A - National Cancer Institute
Basic information from the National Cancer Institute about the relationship to cancer rates, health risks for nonsmokers, harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, ...

MedlinePlus: Smoking
Medical emphasis; factsheets, clinical trials, prevention/screening, news, organizations, statistics, particular populations.

MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Lung cancer - small cell
Provides illustrations, definitions, causes, symptoms, test, treatment, and other resources about the disease.

Larynx Cancer and Smoking
Doctor explains how his patients who smoke get invasive cancer of the voice box (larynx); images and video of a biopsy.

Lung Cancer Resources Directory - CancerIndex
Information and links about causes and prevention, molecular biology and specialist organizations.

Home - American Lung Association site
Provides information on various conditions, research and statistics, plus programs and events.

Lung Cancer Causes, Symptoms, Signs, Stages, Treatment and ...
Gives information in a fact-sheet format covering several areas of interest regarding diagnosis and treatment.

Tobacco Facts and Cancer, Smoking, Larynx Cancer and Quitting
The facts on tobacco products and cancer of the larynx, lung, and mouth, emphysema, epidemology, and how to quit; information and graphic pictures from a ...

Cancer Resources from OncoLink
Treatment, Research, Coping ...

Healthy Living - Smoking & Tobacco - MD Anderson Cancer Center
University of Texas medical center factsheets on effects of smoking and tobacco, and tips and support for quitting. One-third of MD Anderson patients have ... - Health - Lung cancer ranks among deadliest, most ... Health article; causes, prevention, and treatment.

Annual Smoking-Attributable Mortality, Years of Potential Life ...
CDC report; every pack of cigarettes costs $3.45 for medical care attributable to smoking and $3.73 in productivity losses, for a total cost of $7.18 per pack.

Tobacco Industry Witnesses on Whether Smoking Causes Lung Cancer
Tobacco industry witnesses who argued against restrictions on secondhand smoke were asked if firsthand smoke, smoking cigarettes, causes lung cancer.

Thoracic surgeon provides smokers, lung cancer patients and their families with information on cigarettes, smoking, cessation, and cancer risk, diagnosis, ...

ACS :: Tobacco and Cancer
Information about the harmful effects of tobacco, quitting tips, smoking legislation, and risks for children and teens.